Casalogy Smart Home Solutions

Improve your home, your lifestyle, and
your community.

Online platform that enables residents and community professionals
to connect with resources to improve and manage their
home, environment and lifestyle.

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Why Casalogy?

A digital resources curated by residents, community professionals & Innovative AI.

While most smart home platforms manage appliances within the home, Casalogy aims to help improve communities through education, collaboration and crowdsourcing. With many US residents with new homes during 2021, Casalogy aims to help acclimate new residents feel comfortable in their new local community in a fraction of the time.

The Casalogy Factor

Casalogy aims to improve communities by offering referrals to trusted resources, professionals and home documents to make home improvement simple. Casalogy also includes apps and software tools that aim to strengthen community involvement through education, communication and collaboration.

  • Home Details & Documents
  • Home  Improvement Tips
  • Neighborhood Alerts
  • Resident Referrals

Make Money Building Community

Make Commissions From Services Referred to the Household Through Affiliate Referrals. Solutions for real estate pros, master planned communities, HOA's, web services and apps



$250 / 1 Time

Do-It-Yourself, Starter Package
  • For individual users
  • Community support
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$250 / MonthAgencies, Communities, HOAs
  • Share cluster within teams
  • Unlimited users
  • Personal support
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White Label


Create Your Vision
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Training and workshops
  • Priority support
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Compare the features

Basic Self-Hosted Whitelabel
Embed on Your Website v v v
Branding Customization v v v
Create Area Maps v v v
Add Tips & Documents v v v
Setup Consultation v v v
Content Coaching v v v
Host on Your Website v v
Affiliate Strategy v v
Monthly Consultation v v
SEO Improvements v v
Layout and Graphic Customization v
Add / Edit Functionality v
Tailor-made solutions v

Frequently Asked

You can refer Casalogy to your real estate agent, home builder, HOA, or community center to learn about all the benefits of Casalogy, and to set up an appointment with our team to discuss how we can help.

Yes! There are several ways you can earn money while building your community through Casalogy by becoming a Casalogy Affiliate. 

  • Affiliate Fees For Home Improvement Services Referred When Residents Use Casalogy to Find Home Resources
  • Affiliate Fees From Online Products Referred When Residents Purchase Food, Decor and more Casalogy.
  • Affiliate Fees For Additional App and Ads When a Builder Uses Casalogy to Save Time, Improve Marketing as Well as the Community.

While many home management apps focus on simply maintaining and improving your home and property by offering a database to find home improvement resources quickly, Casalogy aims to improve the community as a whole by offering interactive tools that help educate, communicate and collaborate.


Casalogy offers several affordable plans to create a branded version of Casalogy with simple changes to promote your company.

Need something more custom? Tthrough Casalogy’s White Label services, our team can customize the look, feel and function as your company needs fit at a fraction of the price. 

Brand, host and customize the experience while saving costs on customizable premade apps that can be manage online.   

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